1. Upon receiving the coral.
    1. Fully inspect the packaging.
    2. Inspect the coral while inside its packaging.
      1. Take pictures of frag still in bag.
    3. Float the bag in your DT for 30 minutes.
  2. Remove coral from its packaging (bag).
    1. Retain all of the water that came with coral.
    2. Depending on volume of water.
    3. Obtain a small container that can hold the frag while keeping it submerged in the water that we saved from bag.
    4. Take pictures of frag now that it had been removed from bag.
  3. So far the frag is still in the water it was shipped in and no other water has been added.
  4. Provided that you are oxygenating the water and temp is staying at 78. Keep the frag in the current water.
  5. Now start a drip acclamation of this frag.
  6. 1 drop per second.
  7. Acclamation for 30 minutes or until water volume has doubled in frag container.
  8. Move frag into your holding tank (or DT if you don’t wish to QT).
  9. You may place the coral anywhere on the sand bed.
    1. Make sure to not let tentacles (if there are any) touch the glass. This can cause for the coral to get irritate and stressed.
  10. Wait a week then then move the frag up a few inches. You will know where the sweet spot is, as you notice the coral open up and or recede. These animals are slow at responding and as such can not adjust as fast as we sometimes want them to. Make a change and give it a little bit of time to see results. The wait will be worth it.
  11. Watch this wonderful coral open and see how amazing your new frag really is.


In the event of a DOA item, carefully take pictures of the coral inside its packaging. If water has leaked out of the bag then make sure to show that in images. Now remove the frag from its packaging and carefully take pictures to show current condition. Send all images to me via MMS (219) 608-5928. This is a rather fast process and will need to be completed with-in two hours of item arrival (shipping line marked as delivered).